Calories Burned While Walking

This Demonstration models the number of calories a person burns while walking for a given time. This depends on body weight (in kilograms), walking speed (in miles per hour), and the incline (in grade percent) of the walking path. You can select these three variables with sliders, to show the rate at which calories are being burned. The “calorie burning” equations derived at Hankuk University (Seoul, Korea) can determine the results, similar to a typical treadmill display.
  • Contributed by: Angie Peng and Nick LaManna
  • Based on a project by: Enrique Zeleny
  • Special thanks to the University of Illinois NetMath Program and the Mathematics Department at William Fremd High School, and especially to Mr. Grattoni.


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[1] J. Daley. "Walking Calorie Burn Calculator." (Jun 13, 2016)
[2] Hankuk University. 정 난 희, 박 지 은, and 오 인 선. 정보통신 종합설계 요구사항 정의서. (Dec 23, 2013) (in Korean).
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