Cyclic Voltammetry: Characteristic Points

Cyclic voltammetry is one of the most popular techniques in electrochemistry. This Demonstration shows the characteristic points on a voltammogram. The potential, changing linearly with time, is shown on the left and the potential-current curve (voltammogram) is shown on the right.


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There are three significant points on a voltammogram [1]. Point 1 occurs at the current peak in the inverse direction; the potential of point 1 is near, but is not equal to, the standard potential . Point 3 occurs at the current peak. The potential at point 2 is the standard potential of the reaction. The direct determination of the position of point 2 is not practical, so the standard potential is calculated by averaging the potentials at point 3 and point 1: .
J. P. Diard, B. L. Gorrec, and C. Montella, Cinétique électrochimique, Paris: Hermann, 1997.
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