First Puzzle

Object: Cover all blue target positions with some of your orange marbles.
Click the board to randomize the setup.
There are 26 randomized and two fixed setups from which to choose.
Click an arrow to the North, South, East or West of a marble.
The nearest marble in the row (or column) is shifted away from where you clicked. It shifts as far as there are positions vacant.
If it cannot move away, then it is attracted to the border position you clicked.
The walls block the marble movement and cannot be shifted.


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You win if you manage to place marbles on all the target positions.
There are more marbles than target positions. The target positions are marked by a blue dot.
In the default variant these are the four positions to the North, South, East and West of the center.
The other variants ("challenges") have other targets, a different number of given marbles, or different walls.
You win when each blue target position contains a marble.
You can select between 26 randomized setups. An empty board without marbles will appear.
Click the board anywhere to let the system randomly drop a certain number of marbles.
"<",">" setter bar
Click to select the previous or next challenge.
"reset" takes you back to the scrambled starting position.
If you would like to see a differently randomized setup for this challenge, select a different challenge and then select the desired challenge again (use "<", then ">").
Counts the moves; useful when you compete for the fastest solution with your friends.
Click to return to last move.
This puzzle was previously published as the Zillions game "First" by the same author.
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