Fluxes and Energetics of Photosynthesis and Photorespiration

This Demonstration shows the fluxes and partitioning of energy associated with primary carbon metabolism. The upper-left graph shows the flux of leaf-level net carbon assimilation (; ), and the three components that contribute to : the fluxes of photosynthetic carbon uptake (; ), photorespiratory carbon loss (; ) and mitochondrial carbon loss (; ). The three pie charts show the energy partitioned between photosynthesis () and photorespiration () specifically for the partitioning of electrons (top right), of (bottom left) and of (bottom right).


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This Demonstration uses the leaf model of photosynthesis [1] coupled with temperature corrections [2–6] to model the net and gross carbon fluxes associated with primary carbon metabolism and the partitioning of energy into photosynthesis and photorespiration. This Demonstration was created as a supplement to a review article on the costs of photorespiration [7].
The leaf model is parameterized with a maximum velocity of the enzyme for carboxylation , a maximum rate of electron transport , a rate of triose-phosphate utilization , and a rate of mitochondrial respiration , as described in [2, 3].
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