Juggling the Cascade Pattern

The cascade pattern is suitable for juggling an odd number of balls. Starting with the balls distributed between both hands, the cascade pattern starts by throwing all the balls and continues by throwing them back and forth between the two hands. Initially, when a hand holds multiple balls, only the one that will be thrown first is shown. In this pattern, balls are thrown to the inside of the descending balls.


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With balls, initially the Demonstration starts with balls in the left hand and in the right hand. The first throw is from the right hand. Subsequent throws alternate between the two hands separated by time , where is the time a thrown ball is in flight.
Snapshot 1: starting the cascade with three balls, just after throwing the first ball (yellow)
Snapshot 2: the black ball is thrown from the left as the yellow ball descends to the left hand
Snapshot 3: juggling five balls; the balls follow the same path as three balls, with less time between successive throws
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