Machine Language Pattern for lsmod Program

It is possible to see the patterns of the machine language (or machine code) of a program, in this case the lsmod program from Linux. The lsmod lists the kernel modules loaded into the operating system. The two columns show the integer and binary representations of the program instructions. Programs are written in programming languages that are understandable by people and then compiled (or translated) to machine language (in binary code) that are understandable by the computer.
Most programs are engineered by programmers, but it is possible to look for simple rules that can resolve particular problems and implement them in machine language. Register machines are simple programs that work in a way similar to how a set of instructions in computer microprocessors work.



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This binary program used is stored according the ELF (Executable and Linkable Format) standard file format specification.
The lsmod program and Linux Kernel are licensed according to the "GNU General Public License" from "Free Software Foundation, Inc.".
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