NFL Teams Map

Explore this Voronoi diagram for all of the teams in the National Football League (NFL). Each cell represents the geographic area closest to a given team. Each team is marked by a green point. Hover over any team point and see a tooltip that contains the team name, logo, stadium, and division. Select which divisions to include in the map. Choose one of the largest 100 cities in the United States to place a point on the map for reference. Try adding your own team by selecting the checkbox then dragging the football to any location to see how a new team affects the diagram.



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Clip art and stadium information from The team and organization names and logos are registered trademarks of the teams indicated.
Coordinates for cities from CityData in Mathematica.
Outline of United States from CountryData in Mathematica.
Snapshot 1: AFC Teams
Snapshot 2: NFC Teams
Snapshot 3: West divisions for both conferences
Snapshot 4: example of location for new team
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