Randomize Motion for Six Degrees of Freedom

Six degrees of freedom (6DoF) refers to six independent motions of a rigid body in 3D space. They consist of three translations along the , , and axes and three rotations around those axes, , , and . 6DoF is a fundamental concept for mechanical, aeronautical, and robotics engineering. This Demonstration lets you interactively control a model with 6DoF, or you can choose the randomize option to visualize motion with multiple DoF combinations. (Select the "randomize" checkbox to toggle between random and manual control mode. )


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Snapshot 1 shows a cuboid model to illustrate the 6DoF concept
Snapshot 2 shows a soccer ball model to illustrate different motions with multiple DoF combinations
Snapshot 3 shows a space shuttle model's motion in space with randomized animation
For more details, see Chapters 1 and 8 of F. Wu, Manipulate@Mathematica, Beijing: Tsinghua University, 2010.
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