Toy Model of a Reissner-Nordstrom Wormhole

This is a model for a traversable wormhole connecting two Reissner-Nordstrom universes. Two parameters are given, the radius of the wormhole and the thickness. Unfortunately, like the other traversable solution, exotic material with negative energy is necessary to maintain this wormhole.


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The metric is spherically symmetric, static, and transversable, in the sense introduced by Morris and Thorne.
(, ) - polar coordinates
- radius of the wormhole
- new coordinate with ; positive values correspond to points in the top space, negative to points in the bottom space
- thickness of the wormhole
The embedded or "lift"-function is:
For further details see:
E. G. Harris, "Wormhole Connecting Two Reissner-Nordstrom Universes," American Journal of Physics, 61(12), 1993 pp. 1140–1144.
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