U.S. Presidential Interconnections and Exclusions

This Demonstration is a variant of a related Demonstration,"U.S. Presidential Interconnections", which presented a general method for using Mathematica's built-in function GraphPlot as a basis to illustrate details of categorical interconnections. This variant also shows membership in selected categories, but it portrays a separate plot of U.S. Presidents who are excluded from the selected categories. In this case, each of the forty-three individuals who have to date served as U.S. President are further categorized as having held other elected, commissioned, or appointed offices. By toggling the checkboxes, presidential interconnections—and the set of those who are excluded from them—are shown. By manually changing function Mathematica's GraphPlot Method and PackingMethod options and the setting of AspectRatio, some displays can be optimized. Multiclicking on the plot enables manual repositioning of each vertex.


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The historical information in the list ϕ in the program was obtained from general references, primarily [1].
[1] D. C. Whitney and R. V. Whitney, The American Presidents: Biographies of Our Chief Executives from George Washington to Barack Obama, 11th ed., Direct Brands, Inc., 2009.
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