Variation of Temperature and Concentration versus Residence Time for Adiabatic Reactors

Consider the first-order chemical reaction taking place either in an adiabatic CSTR (continuous stirred tank reactor) or an adiabatic PFTR (plug-flow tubular reactor).
This Demonstration plots the concentration and temperature versus the residence time for both types of adiabatic reactors. You can set the value of the initial concentration, , as well as the value of parameter , where is the heat of reaction, is the fluid density, and is the fluid heat capacity. Values of the other relevant parameters such as activation energy, pre-exponential factor, and initial temperature are taken from [1]. An interesting feature of the adiabatic CSTR is that, for a range of the residence time values, one can find up to three solutions. A stability analysis can show that only two of the solutions are stable. Steady-state multiplicity can be shown to be physically real.


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[1] L. D. Schmidt, The Engineering of Chemical Reactions, New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.
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