Vega's Tables of Common Logarithms to Seven Decimals

Vega's seven-decimal logarithm tables from 1797 were the most popular logarithm tables. This Demonstration reconstructs his common logarithm tables for the numbers from 0 to 999, and from 10000 to 100100. The first part consists of four pages with 250 logarithms, the second consists of 182 pages with 500 mantissas of logarithms. Vega's 1794 page of ten-digit common logarithms consists of 300 mantissas of logarithms.


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Jurij Veha (or Georg Vecha) was born on 23 March 1754 in Zagorica (near Ljubljana, Slovenia), which was then in part of Austria. At 26, he, (as Georg Vega, a navigation engineer) left Ljubljana and moved to Vienna. In 1787 he was a captain and professor of mathematics in the bombardier corps. In August 1800, the emperor granted Vega the title of a hereditary baron. At age 48 he was found dead in September 1802 in Nußdorf on the Danube.
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