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Drill basic arithmetic facts with these virtual flash cards. Two settings are available—timed and untimed. In the timed setting, the answer will automatically flash and then reappear in a user-determined amount of time after the card first appears. In the untimed setting, the answer will not appear until the user chooses to show the answer.
  • Contributed by: Marc Brodie
  • (Wheeling Jesuit University)


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For addition, subtraction, and multiplication, only single-digit numbers are used (although the answer may be a two-digit number). For division, the dividends are the non-prime 1- or 2-digit numbers (to avoid too many trivial problems), and the divisors are single-digit numbers.
You may choose as many or as few of the four operations that you want to practice. The operation on the card is selected at random from the operations selected.
Beginners can choose not to have any problems involving zero. In this case, no card will involve having to do a computation with zero, although zero may appear as an answer to a subtraction problem. For students ready for negative numbers, the option to allow negative answers permits the subtrahend to be larger than the minuend when doing subtraction.
More advanced students can practice in any base from 2 through 16. The truly brave can allow the base of each problem to be selected at random by selecting the random base option.
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