Water Colors Puzzle

Flood the 25 rooms with colored water (by clicking the flood gates between the rooms in the right order) to achieve the desired coloring of all rooms. Some of the challenges have a restricted number of gates.
The desired outcome is given by small colored circles, of which each room contains one. You can change the size and position of the circles.


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The gates
Click the gates, which are positioned between the colored rooms, to open and close the gates.
The two gates at the border allow you to drain the colors. These two special gates close automatically after the draining.
Color mixing
Three prime water colors (red, blue, yellow) are given.
The color mixing rules for this game are:
Red and yellow mixed will become orange.
Red and blue mixed will become purple.
Blue and yellow mixed will become green.
Adding an existing color to a mix of two colors will not change the mix; e.g., the mix of orange with red will stay orange, blue mixed with green will stay green. However, if all three primary colors are in the mix, it will turn black.
Any color mixed with black will be black.
Target configurations
The target configurations are given as one small colored disk per room.
You can change the size and the position of these disks.
Save/restore/reset setter bar
Here you can save and restore your current board, or reset it to the default configuration.
The puzzle given here has been published before as the Zillions game "Water Colours" by the same author.
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