3D Field of Cuboidal Magnet

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The field components , , and of a permanent magnet with dimensions , , and strength 1.4 Tesla are analytically calculated and displayed as a vector field.

Contributed by: John Compter (July 2014)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



Reference [1] computes the three components of the magnetic field, , , and , for a cuboidal permanent magnet. This Demonstration shows the level surfaces colored red, blue, green for , , , respectively, and starting at the mid-plane for each component.

The controls available are:

, , change the magnet dimensions

cut the graph at a value

level range

, , toggle to display , , and components

high double the graphics calculation grid


[1] G. Akoun and J.-P. Yonnet, "3D Analytical Calculation of the Forces Exerted between Two Cuboidal Magnets," IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 20(5), 1984 pp. 1962–1964.

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