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Combining ideas from the Mercedes–Benz logo and a logo designed by Franco Grignani yields this widget that generates a fascinating variety of forms. The output ranges from stars, shells, and floral spirals to lustrous medallions, glassy forms, and organic "sea creatures".

Contributed by: Christopher Carlson (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



This Demonstration accompanies the blog.wolfram.com post "Hybrid Logos and a Fortunate Mistake". It combines all of the techniques described in that post into a single Demonstration. To explore forms in one of the particular classes described in that post, go to one of the bookmarks described below and explore from there without changing the settings of the checkbox controls.

To explore forms in the first half of the post, start from the "Medallion", "Scaly Ring", or "Brushed Ring" bookmark. To explore "pewter ornaments", start from the "Pewter Star" bookmark. To explore "ink splats", start from the "Ink Splat" bookmark. To explore the forms in the final figure of the post, start from one of the "Sea Creature" bookmarks.

Drag in the image area to move the point to which the forms converge.

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