Asian Tour Puzzle

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Object: visit as many cities (numbered positions) as possible.


If you visit a city, it must have a higher number than the one visited last.

Click the board to drop your man. Then click a target position. The move from one position to the next is marked by a black line.

Your man can move in any of the eight main directions, over empty positions, or crossing one existing straight line (but not two at once).

You cannot land on a position that already has a line going through it.

You can visit each city only once. You can skip cities on your trip, visiting city 5 after city 3, for example.


Contributed by: Karl Scherer (April 2014)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



The man always starts at city number 1.

In the challenges with fixed setup, you win if the number of cities you visited is as high or higher than the target given in the control area at the top.

Only the most simple line crossings are allowed; each position can only have up to two straight lines going through it.

The fixed setups get progressively harder to solve.

In the challenges with random setup, try to visit as many cities as possible.


"cities visited"

Counts the number of cities you have visited.


Best known count of cities visited.


Number of moves played.


Click to go back one move.


Reset the game to the starting position.


This game was originally published as the Zillions game "Asian Tour" by the author.

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