Beautiful Designs Made from Two Knights' Tours

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Two knights are placed on the empty chessboard and move according to the rules of chess. For a double knights' tour, one or the other of the knights must visit each square exactly once. In these variants, boards with a wide variety of shapes are used instead of a standard chessboard. Some solutions present very beautiful designs.

Contributed by: Naoki Saida, Yoshiaki Ohishi, Hiroshi Matsui, and Ryohei Miyadera (October 2007)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA


Snapshot 1: a graph made from problem 1

Snapshot 2: a board for a variant of the knight's tour

Snapshot 3: a solution for the problem

For the details of this article please see the following reference.

R. Miyadera, Y. Kakoi, N. Saida, K. Takeshima, Y. Ohishi, H. Matsui, T. Yamauchi, T. Kajimoto, K. Yoza, A. Hyogu, Y. Nakagawa, N. Totani, and D. Minematsu, "Beautiful Designs made from the Knight's Tour," Visual Mathematics: Art and Science Electric Journal of ISIS-Symmetry [online], 2007.


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