Bubble Chain Puzzle

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You are asked to maneuver all the bubbles into the white area.


The first bubble (labeled with the number 1) is the only one you can move, and it can only stick to bubble number 2.

Bubble 2 can only stick to bubble 3, and so on. Throughout the game, bubble 1 is the only bubble you can move directly; all the others must be moved by making a chain.


Contributed by: Karl Scherer (May 2015)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



Click and hold bubble number 1. Drag this bubble until it makes contact with bubble number 2. Keep maneuvering until bubble number 2 makes contact with bubble number 3, and so on.

All bubbles must end up in the white target area. The bubbles simulate real soap bubbles; if you move the cursor too fast, the chain will come apart.


With the "challenge" drop-down menu, you select an increasing number of bubbles.

Restore the starting position with "reset."

The slider "zoom" lets you zoom in and out.

Reducing "opacity" is helpful if several bubbles overlap.

Use "target" to increase or decrease the size of the target area (useful if you want to make it easier for children).

With "bubble" and "size," you can change the size of each bubble, which allows you to create your own setup.

Click "numbers" to switch the display of the sequential numbers on or off.

The color selector "background" controls the background color.

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