Calculus Slalom

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Three games in one: Drag the locator to create the graph of a function. Try to get its derivative, integral, or polar graph to pass through the rectangles ("slalom gates").

Contributed by: Michael Rogers (Oxford College/Emory University) (March 2011)
Suggested by: Stan Wagon (Macalester College)
Based on a program by: Jim Henle (Smith College)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



Sometimes it takes planning to get the graph right, since the point generating the graph is dragged behind the locator.

Scoring: There are five times between the left and right edges of each rectangle that the derivative, integral or polar is checked to see if it is between the top and bottom edges of the rectangle. Earn ten points each time it is (up to 50 points for each rectangle). Earn five points if the graph passes through the "wings" above and below each rectangle.

Snapshot 1: derivative game at the "prof" level

Snapshot 2: integral game at the "student" level

Snapshot 3: polar game at the "math major" level

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