Co-Sputtering Simulation (CO-SS)

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This Demonstration shows a simulation of CO-SS co-sputtering deposition. The purpose is to predict the properties of the thin films deposited by sputtering with a DC magnetron with a cathode compounded of two different targets. CO-SS resolves geometrically the related to the angular distribution of the evaporated atoms from the target (see Details). The distribution of each element in the film over the substrate, as well as the shape of the film deposit, are predicted.


The following constraints are assumed: 1) The sticking coefficient of the atoms with the substrate is unity. 2) The interaction of the evaporated atoms with the gas phase plasma is not considered. 3) The incident angle of ions of the gas phase plasma with the targets is taken into account. 4) The shape of the racetrack (the result of the sputtering) is also considered.

See the Details section for an explanation of the parameters and plots.


Contributed by: J. Cruz, S. Muhl, and Emmanuel Garces (July 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



The relevant parameters are the following:

and are the inner and outer ratio of the racetrack. is the distance between substrate and the target. and are related to the shape of the cloud of evaporated material for the angular distribution for each material. is the percentage of the second material added to the primary target. and are the sputter yield of the two materials.

The interaction of the evaporated atoms with the gas-phase plasma is not considered but is under study for future versions of this program.

The graph at the top-left is a view of the deposited film over the substrate. The red concentric circles show the width of the racetrack and the yellow bars delimit the thickness of the second material added to the primary target. You can move the cross section point to see different cross sections of the deposited film. The graph at the top-right is a cross section along the axis, showing a slice of the distribution of each material. The graph at the bottom-left shows a cross section of the axis, showing the distribution of each material. The graph at the bottom-right corner is a 3D version of the deposited film over the substrate created with CO-SS.

The checkbox after clicking "deposition plots" indicates which graphs are displayed. Available plots are: material, sum of concentrations, and normalization (relative concentrations).


This program is part of the MSc thesis of J. Cruz, "Síntesis y Simulación de la Preparación de Peliculas Basadas en Aluminio y Titanio Depositadas por Sputtering con Magnetrón" (IIM - IF, UNAM), in progress.

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