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Object: Make all visible colors the same. This game simulates real dice tumbling around a board. If a die is moved one step, one of the side faces becomes the top face, and so on. In the default setup, you see 49 cubes from above. Each cube has six faces of different colors. Click a cube to select it. It is highlighted by a black dot, and its sides are shown on the right. Now click an empty target position on the same row or column to move it. The dice can be rolled any distance.


Beginner's level: You win if all visible colors are the same, and all 49 dice are again neatly arranged in the center of the large board.

Expert level: Try to end up in a square formation where the top line is colored yellow, the next line orange, then red, then purple, then green, then aqua (light blue). There is no win message.


Contributed by: Karl Scherer (April 2014)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



You can reset the game to its original layout by clicking the "reset" button.

You can randomise the setup by clicking the "randomise" button.

History This game was originally published as the Zillions game "Coldice" by the same author.

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