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Let us get mesmerized again by the simplest nontrivial cellular automata! The idea of this Demonstration is to see how the change of initial condition propagates through the whole array with a certain time lag. In other words, the change is not instantaneous as usual, but takes some time. For clarity, nonperiodic boundary conditions are used, which means that unlike the default Mathematica setting for CA, the leftmost cell is not adjacent to the rightmost cell in the same row. A single step is a single action; it is not just a new cell added or deleted from the initial conditions, so that there are 33 steps between every added cell in the initial condition. (For best results, hold the "Alt" key in Windows or the "Option" key on the Mac while manipulating the "step" slider.)

Contributed by: Machi Zawidzki (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




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