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Ducado is a board game invented by the author. The object is to win more money than your opponent.


The two players (Blue and Green) alternate dropping tokens next to an upside-down golden dollar coin that has values of $1 to $4.

You can choose from two board sizes, 4×4 or 5×5.


Contributed by: Karl Scherer (January 2016)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



You are presented with a board with dollar coins placed upside down. These coins carry values of $1, $2, $3, or $4.

Each player has three partial moves per round. First you drop a token on the center of one of the yellow petals. Tokens have to be placed next to a coin. There is one exception: if there is no token drop possible next to a coin (because all remaining coins are already surrounded by tokens), then the player can place his/her token on any petal.

After a token drop, click any coin to flip it upside down and look at its value. (Note that the coin clicked does not have to be adjacent to the token the player dropped!) You win the coin if the number of tokens adjacent to it equals its value. The color of the coin will change accordingly (blue for the Blue player and green for the Green player).

Coins you have won will increase your score. If you do not win the coin, it will be flipped over again. Coins whose value is less than the number of adjacent tokens will disappear. The player with the most money wins.

On the left border, there are counters for Blue's and Green's points. Also, the number of unclaimed coins is shown. The game is over when there are no coins left on the board.

Free turns Before the game starts, the players decide whether they want to play the "free turns" version of the game. If "free turns" is active, you get a free turn whenever you claim a coin.

History The 4×4 version of Ducado was invented and produced as a board game by the author in 1985. This game was also published as the Zillions game Ducado in December 2000.

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