Eller Puzzle

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Recreate the original setup using only knight hops.


To start, click the "scramble" checkbox. Then click one of the tokens.

The only moves allowed are knight hops: two steps in one orthogonal direction, then one step at a right angle. The target position must be empty.

The "select" buttons let you take back a move, return to the original scrambled board, go forward one move, or jump to the last move recorded.

Click the "reset to start" checkbox to return to the start.


Contributed by: Karl Scherer (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



The "set up" Checkbox

Click "set up" to create your own setup or amend a given setup. Clicking a position repeatedly will cycle through the tokens. Once you are happy with your setup, click the "set up" checkbox again.

Please note that only one position should be unoccupied in any setup!

How to Build Your Own Real Game

The Eller puzzle makes a nice solitaire game which you can easily manufacture yourself.

Here are the details of the author's board:

Take a square board of thick acrylic about 27 cm long; drill 25 holes of 25 mm diameter and use large marbles or glass balls (30 mm diameter) as tokens. Finally, glue a 27×27 piece of thin white acrylic underneath the clear board to enhance the look.

Once you have played this hands-on version of Eller, it becomes clear why there is an empty position on the board (instead of all positions being filled and the moves consisting of swapping two tokens): it is much easier to only move one ball at a time, especially for children.


The Eller Puzzle was first published by the same author as a Zillions game.

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