Emissive Power for a Blackbody over a Range of Wavelengths

This Demonstration shows the emissive power for a blackbody over a range of wavelengths, represented by the area under the curve between values and .
Planck’s blackbody radiation law gives the spectral density emitted by a blackbody as a function of wavelength and temperature:
λ is the wavelength, m.
is the absolute temperature of the body, K.
is the first radiation constant: .
is the second radiation constant: m K.
The fraction of the total blackbody emission in a spectral band between wavelengths and , at temperature , is given by the integral:


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[1] F. Kreith, R. Manglik and M. Bohn, Principles of Heat Transfer, 7th ed., Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning, 2011.
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