Expert System for Identifying Pedigree Dogs

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In a compact and efficient manner, this Demonstration shows the expert system of pedigree dogs from the book Expert System Development in Prolog and Turbo-Prolog by Peter Smith (Cheshire, UK: Sigma Press, 1990). The system asks a series of questions, to be answered "yes" or "no", until the dog is identified. The knowledge implanted is based upon the grouping system employed by the Kennel Club of Great Britain. You can create new identification expert systems by replacing the list of questions about symptoms, conclusions, and relations. The first term of the relation {29, 33, 13, 44, {8}} shows that the answer "yes" to the questions 29, 33, 13, and 44 leads to the conclusion 8. Note that the same questions appears in the relation {29, 33, 13, 44, {11}}. To avoid this inconsistency our system return both conclusions.

Contributed by: Mikhail Dimitrov Mikhailov (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




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