Freezing Point Depression: How Much Salt Will Melt Ice?

Use the sliders to set the temperature and the thickness of ice on a road. The equation for freezing point depression is given by
where is Boltzmann's constant, is the standard freezing point for water (273K), is the molecular weight of water (18.02 g/mol), is the molality (mol solute/kg solvent), is the enthalpy of fusion for water (6000 J/mol) and is the freezing-point depression constant (1.86). This equation determines the amount of salt needed. The value is displayed numerically and graphically; also shown (in blue) is the amount of salt carried by the truck.


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[1] R. Chang, Physical Chemistry for the Biosciences, Sansalito, CA: University Science Books, 2005 pp. 138–147, 507.
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