From Circle to Sine and Cosine Curves with Angle in Degrees

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At the top left the angle varies from to . The distances from the origin to the black and blue points are the values of the sine and cosine, respectively. The cosine is plotted with the sine on the right, using a blue isosceles triangle to project the line segment from horizontal to vertical.


The values of and are shown at the top of the plot.

The lower left circle, which has the same radius as the circle above, shows the right-angled triangle with two sides corresponding to the sine and cosine and its hypotenuse opposite to the right angle.

Inside the lower right circle, the angle is shown in degrees.


Contributed by: Arthur Stammet (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



The screen shots show the five presets: , , , , .

They convert sine to cosine (by adding ) or invert both (by adding ).

No triangle is visible in the lower left circle with the presets: the values of sine (, , ) or cosine (, ) are when angles that are multiples of are chosen.

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