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This Demonstration is a simple implementation of a chess clock. At the start of the game, press the "start" button to start player A's clock. Player A presses the "switch" button after moving a chess piece and player B's clock starts. This continues through the game until the it is finished or one of the players' clocks exceeds the agreed upon total time. To start a new game press the "reset" button.


The controls allow you to choose between analog and digital display modes, as well as the player who starts first. It is also possible to specify time increments that are added for each move. Two conventions popular in chess tournaments are included: in the "Fischer" style, the specified time is deducted at the beginning of each move, while in the "Bronstein" style it is deducted at the end of the move, and only up to the actual amount of time taken for the move.


Contributed by: Peter Falloon (March 2011)
Based on a program by: S. M. Blinder
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




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