Lambdoma of 256 Tones

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You can hear the lambdoma of string lengths as sine tones. Click any of the 256 buttons to play a tone. The 1/1 ratio is set here as middle C at 261.63 Hz. The lowest tone is 16.35 Hz at the ratio 16/1. The highest tone is 4186.08 Hz at the ratio 1/16.


You can only click one button at a time, but you can click a series of buttons before earlier tones are made. Adjust the "duration" slider accordingly. The production of audible lower tones depends on your audio setup.


Contributed by: Drew Lesso (September 2019)
Based on a program by: Stephen Wolfram
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA


Overtones advance as rows: 1/1 C4, 1/2 C5, 1/3 G5, 1/4 C6, 1/5 E6, 1/6 G6, 1/7 Bb6, 1/8 C7…1/16 C8.

Undertones (subharmonics) advance as columns: 1/1 C4, 2/1 C3, 3/1 F3, 4/1 C2, 5/1 Ab2, 6/1 F2, 7/1 D2, 8/1 C1…16/1 C0.


[1] D. Lesso. "Introduction to Harmonics." (Aug 29, 2019)

[2] D. Lesso. "Planet Earth." (Aug 29, 2019)


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