Limit-Periodic Tilings

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This Demonstration lets you explore the similarities between the Socolar–Taylor tiling [1], the Penrose tiling [2], and the relatively new viererbaum (or quadtree) tiling [3]. Each of these tilings is an areal inflation-factor four substitution tiling and also a limit-periodic tiling. Here we construct each uniquely displaced tiling as a sequence of periodic approximants. Each periodic approximant is determined by a sequence of branch permutations taken from the set . The set elements are also actions of the Klein four-group.


The limit periodic construction has a number of advantages over the more common construction using substitution rules. It lends itself to a graphical proof that the various matching rules enforce aperiodicity. It explicitly shows the limit periodic structure. Finally, it introduces sequences of branch permutations such as , which allow us to call tilings -close whenever branch-permutation sequences agree for the first terms.


Contributed by: Brad Klee (September 2015)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




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