Networks of Space Flights by American Pre-Shuttle Astronauts

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The 31 manned space flights in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's projects Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Apollo–Soyuz required 71 crew assignments, which were filled by 43 astronauts. This Demonstration presents dynamically controlled views of the many social networks that characterize those flights and astronauts. Aside from a study of personnel assignments in early space flights, this Demonstration illustrates a practical application for dynamic control of GraphPlot output. The flight designators have the following prefixes: Project Mercury, M; Project Gemini, G; Project Apollo, A; Skylab, SL; and Apollo–Soyuz, AS.

Contributed by: Daniel G. Martinez ( {MonthName, Year, Day})
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



In the Manipulate block, constant terms in the Pick function are elapsed times (days) after 4 May 1961, which was the day before the launch of the first manned Project Mercury flight.

See [1] for the astronaut list and flight reference.


[1] M. Collins, Liftoff: The Story of America's Adventure In Space, New York: Grove Press, 1988.

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