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Use this Demonstration to create random Sudoku games that you can play using simple mouse clicks. Games are of moderate difficulty, about the same challenge level as those commonly available in newspapers and magazines.

Contributed by: Sandy Squires (April 2018)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



This Demonstration was developed as a learning exercise in using the Mathematica Association data structures, Grid function and EventHandler.

A Sudoku game is guaranteed to have a single unique solution. Solutions have a single digit value (1 through 9) in every square, with no repeated values in any given row, column, or 3×3 block.

To play the game, use your mouse to select an empty square on the Sudoku board, then click the box below with the desired digit for that square. Use the blank square to erase an entry, or click a different digit to change an entry.

To show the (unique) solution for the current game, click the "show solution" checkbox. To start a new game, click the "new game" button.

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