Population Evolution of Strontium Atom under Multi-frequency Laser Fields

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This Demonstration simulates the population evolution of the strontium atom under multi-frequency laser fields. We apply the Lindblad master equation for an open system to follow changes in population induced by five lasers at 461, 689, 679, 688 and 707 nm.

Contributed by: Zhichao Guo (May 8)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA


This Demonstration considers the evolution of the strontium atom under a multiple laser field. The energy level and laser fields are shown in the energy level diagram.

The master equation for a V-type three-level system is given by


where is the density matrix.

In the rotated frame, we can write the Hamiltonian

where the is a transition operator from state to state , namely,


and , and are the Rabi frequency, detuning and phase, respectively, of the radiation field coupling state to state .

According to the Lindblad equation, the spontaneous decay is determined from


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