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A matrix of values is formed by successively applying a binary operation to the first 1200 real digits of two numbers expressed in a chosen base. That is, the entry of the matrix is obtained by combining the digit of the horizontal number with the digit of the vertical number using the chosen binary operation. The matrix is displayed using either of Mathematica's built-in functions ArrayPlot or MatrixPlot. The frame ticks on the matrix plot are indices to the digits being viewed. A 2D slider controller lets you look at a portion of the large matrix in a window with size set by the "length" slider. The first and second rational numbers and in the top two rows of buttons are each set by sliders. The next numbers in the top two rows of buttons are raised to the power of and raised to the power of . These numbers will be irrational for most values of , , , and . The display is such that the element with the smallest indices is in the bottom left-hand corner.

Contributed by: Noel Patson (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



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