Redox Reaction (E) at a Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE)

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This Demonstration plots the current density versus potential ( versus ) curve for a redox reaction () under steady-state conditions at a rotating disk electrode. Simulated concentration profiles are shown, along with linearized (piecewise linear) concentration profiles of electroactive species using Levich theory. IUPAC conventions are used.


; .


Contributed by: Jean-Paul Diard and Claude Montella (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



The general expression for a Faradaic current density is:

, , , , , ,

with the limiting cases

(Butler–Volmer, electron transfer control),

(Nernstian system, mass transport control).

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[3] J.-P. Diard, C. Montella, and B. Le Gorrec, Cinétique Electrochimique, Paris: Hermann, 1996.

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