Regression Model with Transformations

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This Demonstration shows the simple linear regression model for various datasets. You can transform the response variable (i.e. the dependent variable), and display the least-squares fit, the coefficient of determination , and estimates of the marginal variance of , as well as the conditional variance assumed to be common across all values of . Box–Cox and Tukey power transformations are available; you can vary the power parameter and display a plot of the effect of various values of on . When the transformation used is either Box–Cox or Tukey's transformation, a plot of versus the parameter is shown.

Contributed by: Karl Heiner (SUNY at New Paltz) and Stan Wagon (Macalester College) (December 2015)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



Snapshot 1: a linear fit to curvilinear data

Snapshot 2: a linear fit to curvilinear data with a log transformation on the response variable

Snapshot 3: a linear fit to curvilinear data with plot of versus power parameter for the Box–Cox transformation on the response variable

Data sources: lead [1], lichen [2], birth weight and AIDS [3], kittiwakes [4], Mazda prices [5], CPK enzyme [6]. For more information on linear statistical models including transformations and the coefficient of determination, see [7].


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