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An animation of the twisting of a Rubik's Cube. Use the six colored buttons to cause a clockwise quarter-turn twist of the face with the corresponding color at the center. Holding down the shift key causes a counterclockwise turn instead. Use the control key to produce a half turn. The slider controls the number of steps of the animation of each twist.

Contributed by: Roman E. Maeder (July 2007)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



The letters used to indicate the transformations use the standard notation, referring to the initial letters of the six faces: back, front, left, right, down, up. Counterclockwise turns are denoted by , half turns by . Because the cube as a whole can be rotated with the mouse, it is easier to refer to the faces by their center colors. The scramble button performs 25 random quarter turns (in either direction).

Rubik's Cube® is a registered trademark of Seven Towns, Ltd.

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