Scalogram of Gravitational Wave from a Binary Black Hole Inspiral

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Compact binary objects (e.g. black hole pairs, binary neutron stars, or neutron star and black hole) emit gravitational waves with increasing frequency when they are in inspiral orbital phase. The emitted gravitational waveform can be derived from post-Newtonian expansions. In this Demonstration the chirp characteristic of the point-mass, zero-spin binary inspiral waveform is shown in scalograms using different wavelet decompositions. You can change the masses of the binary objects to see the effect on the time-frequency morphology in the resulting scalogram.

Contributed by: Satya Mohapatra (September 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




[1] L. Blanchet, B. R. Iyer, C. M. Will, and A. G. Wiseman, "Gravitational Waveforms from Inspiralling Compact Binaries to Second-Post-Newtonian Order," Classical Quantum Gravity, 13, 1996 pp. 575–584.

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