Sorting Algorithms

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This Demonstration compares four different sorting algorithms: insertion sort, bubble sort, heap sort, and shell sort. They are applied to sorting a random permutation of the first 70 integers. The bubble and heap sort show every single swap made, and the shell sort shows the result of every successive bubble sort. The insertion sort shows the result of every pass (above the level of individual swaps).

Contributed by: Patrick Stevens (July 2012)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



Snapshot 1: the insertion sort halfway through, showing the sorted section and unsorted section of the list

Snapshot 2: the bubble sort halfway through, showing the characteristic sorting of large elements and the near-sorting of low elements

Snapshot 3: the heap sort halfway through, showing the sorted higher elements and the even spreading of lower elements due to the heap structure

Snapshot 4: the shell sort after the fourth pass, showing that every element has made it to near where it needs to be

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