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This Demonstration is the classic text game Star Trek, rewritten in Mathematica. You are the captain of the Enterprise, and have to locate and destroy all Klingon vessels in the Galaxy. Use the controls to move the Enterprise, raise or lower shields, and fire phasers and photon torpedoes. You can also select the type of scan you are looking at.


The short range scans show the quadrant the Enterprise is in. There can be Klingons (K), star bases (B), stars (*), and the Enterprise (E). When you are next to a star base, you are docked, and the Enterprise is resupplied with photon torpedoes and energy.

The long range scan shows what is in the adjacent quadrant. The code is KBS, which shows the number Klingons, bases, and stars.

The galaxy plot shows the contents of all the quadrants you have visited or scanned.

If you are in a quadrant with Klingons, it would be a good idea to raise shields.

If you are attacked by the Klingons and you don not have shields up, the Enterprise can be damaged. The damage control report shows the status.

Each time you move from one quadrant to another, you use a stardate.

Photon torpedoes have to be aimed. Phasers do not, and the Enterprise computer will target all Klingons in the quadrant.


Contributed by: George V. Woodrow III (January 2014)
Based on: spacwr.bas, written by Mike Mayfield in BASIC, ca 1972.
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




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