Teaching Limit of a Function

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This Demonstration presents the formal definition of the limit of a function, for in-class use by instructors. It allows the instructor to "challenge" students to find a suitable delta , first for some particular value of epsilon , and subsequently in general for an arbitrary epsilon (see [1] for an example of the intended pedagogical approach). Roman letters and are used instead of Greek letters and in order to reduce cognitive load for students encountering the concept of a limit for the first time.

Contributed by: Julie C. La Corte  (August 2022)
(Georgia State University)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA




[1] R. Smyth. "The Precise Definition of a Limit." Cooper Union. (Oct 8, 2021) faculty.cooper.edu/smyth/TechCompanion/Calc1/Ch02/PreciseDefLimit.htm.

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