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The game of Gobblet mixes the games of Memory and Connect Four. The object is to get four in a row of your color, diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.


Each player has 12 pieces (three large, three medium, three small, and three tiny). At the beginning, they are stacked on the sideboard in three stacks with the largest on top and the smallest on the bottom. The players alternate moving an exposed piece of their color from either their sideboard or from the middle 4×4 game board.

To play a game, you start a move by picking up a piece into your hand (lower-left and lower-right corners). Next you move that piece to a peg (the black circles) in the 4x4 center of the game board. In a legal move, you may move to any unoccupied peg or you may cover up any smaller piece, either yours or theirs. But beware if you do not remember what is underneath a piece when you pick it up, as you may give the opponent four in a row.

By default, the blue player is human and the red player is a computer, but you can choose to change either of them to human or computer.


Contributed by: Thomas C. Moore (April 2015)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



You can choose for either player to be controlled either manually ("human") or by an AI ("computer"). The AI is beatable, even though it tends to have a perfect memory as to where all the pieces are.

If you want to remove the memory element, you can select the "see through" checkbox to see the pieces represented as outlines instead of filled-in circles.

To make the computer player make a move, simply click "next move."

If you make a mistake or wish to undo, you can click "previous move" repeatedly, all the way back to the start of the current game.

Once the game is over and you have (hopefully) won, you can click "new game" to reset the game board.

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