Torque and Speed Characteristics of Separately Powered DC Motors

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This Demonstration shows a series of rotation rates versus electromagnetic torque curves for separately powered DC motors. Detailed formulas for the relevant variables are also displayed. You can vary the parameters to see how they interact.

Contributed by: Anping Zeng  (August 2017)
(Sichuan Chemical Technical College)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



: rated power : slope of intrinsic mechanical characteristics : slope of artificial mechanical characteristics : voltage : rated voltage : induced magnetic voltage : armature electromotive force : current : armature current : induced magnetic current : rated current : speed : angular speed : rated speed : ideal no-load speed : actual no-load speed : armature resistance : excited magnetic resistance : armature series resistance : magnetic flux : rated magnetic flux : magnetic flux divided by rated magnetic flux : torque : rated torque : rated load torque : load torque : resistance torque : no load torque : electromotive force constant : number of pole pairs : total conductors (number of DC armature windings) : parallel branch pairs (number of DC armature windings) : torque constant : input electrical power : output mechanical power : no-load power : copper loss power : mechanical loss power : additional loss power : motor efficiency


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