Twisted Polygonal Torus

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The first slider, "rotation of the polygons", performs a rotation of the polygons around the central circle of the tori; we suggest setting the animation control to Backwards and Forward and to slow down the speed to 10 for each jump.


The second slider, "number of polygon sides", changes the number of sides from three to 20.

The third slider, "ellipse eccentricity", changes the dimensions of the polygons.

The fourth slider, "tori sections", shows part of the whole torus, which may make it easier to understand the figure.

The fifth slider, "enantiomer R (+1) or S (-1)", makes a half a turn clockwise or anticlockwise to obtain a tori R enantiomer or S enantiomer.

The sixth slider, "tori diameter", changes the inside diameter of the torus.


Contributed by: V. M. Chapela and M. J. Percino (March 2011)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA


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