Two-Stage Chemostat with Additional Stream

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This Demonstration simulates two chemostats arranged in series such that the first operates at a relatively high rate of cell growth, while the second operates at a lower growth rate but with high cell density, for secondary metabolite production. Additional substrate may be fed to the second stage.

Contributed by: R. Ricardo Sánchez (August 27)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



biomass concentration

substrate concentration

specific growth rate

The indices 1 and 2 refer to tanks 1 and 2.

Details on the model can be found in [1].

Some suggestions for the user:

Study the effect of varying the kinetic parameters and volumetric feed rate on the performance of the simple two-stage system, especially (a) cell growth rates, (b) cell densities and (c) cell production rates.

Study the effect of additional substrate feeding to the second stage.

Download the author code and change the model to account for substrate inhibition. Note the improvement when part of the substrate is fed to the second tank.

Control the feed flow rate to the second tank to maintain the concentration above value.


[1] I. J. Dunn, E. Heinzle, J. Ingham and J. E. Prvenosil, Biological Reaction Engineering: Dynamic Modelling Fundamentals with Simulation Examples, 2nd ed., Weinheim, Germany: Wiley-VCH, 2003.


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