Yang's Construction of 3D Hadamard Matrices

3D Hadamard matrices (cubes), are hypermatrices in which the rows, columns and slices are all mutually orthogonal. They have found application in optics [1, 2]. They add an additional dimension, thus one more degree of freedom, which can be exploited in modern orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM/5G+RF) systems. Channel coding involves parameters such as frequency, time, phase and polarization. Hypermatrices are equivalent to tensors. See [3] for some of the original definitions of hyperdeterminants by Cayley. Multilinear algebras and high-order tensor algebras have not yet been exploited by the wireless signal processing community. I think this will change. In 1996, Yang developed a construction method for 3D Hadamard matrices based on 2D Hadamard matrices [4]. This Demonstration illustrates Yang's construction method. To extend this code to complex cubical Hadamard matrices, see [5].


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