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In 2007, Wolfram Research introduced a new paradigm for instant interactivity, and created this site as a library dedicated to this innovative technology. This venture has been a remarkable community effort, with several thousand Demonstrations so far, and new ones added every day.

Any Mathematica user can contribute Demonstrations—you don't have to be an expert. Demonstrations can be on any topic you'd
like—from everyday life to front-line scientific research.

Once reviewed, Demonstrations are published on our website, with complete authoring and citation information. How are they used? Researchers, educators, professionals, and hobbyists reference them in publications, link to them from websites, and deploy them in classrooms and workplaces around the world.

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Four Easy Steps to Contributing

Illustrate your concept in Mathematica using Manipulate.

Authoring guidelines are available.

Complete the Demonstrations authoring notebook.

In Mathematica, the notebook is available by selecting File > New > Demonstration.

Upload your finished notebook to your authoring area.

After a few minutes, a fully built web preview of your Demonstration will appear.

Submit your Demonstration for publication.
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