How Many Socks Do Two Feet Wear Out?

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This Demonstration shows the wear (quantified in number of days a sock is worn) of an even set of unpaired socks after a number of weeks using a certain number of "preferred" socks (a set from which some are randomly chosen each week).

Contributed by: S.A. (August 2020)
Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA



As most married men probably realize, the Mrs. is right about approximately everything. Sometime last week I was experiencing this situation to its full extent when my wife adamantly told me that if I do not match my socks properly when I pair them after washing, my two feet will wear out one specific sock. I could not resist the temptation, so I simulated the wearing of socks, one pair per day, replacing them in the sample once per week, for weeks. The sample of socks consists of items out of which are "preferred", meaning that each week I wear at least random socks from the latter category and the rest from the remaining sample. Bottom line: the Mrs. was ultimately right (there is a "most worn out" sock), but the wear is not significantly higher on any sock with respect to the rest. Two feet will wear out one sock more, but not by much.

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